Our Shop


Katherine C Ferguson & Nicola Cowie are co-creators of Guildford’s The Artists Nook.

Their work is showcased in their boutique shop in the tranquil Ethel Street Courtyard, just behind the antique shops on James Street.

They also host a variety of intimate boutique workshops for more information and to book your workshop click here. Or create your own workshop here.


Other local artists are also on display including:

Kat Sherwin of Hammered Rabbits

Tammy Mullan of Wild Willow Handmade

Gill Cordiner

Yvette Townsend

Raennette Hendy of Studio Mia

Kristy Scaddan of The Farlands

Naomi Ebert of Nazzy Fusion Art Glass

Lee Collis of Boho Bags

Ashleigh Van Damme of The Travelling Creative

If you are an artisan and you would like to be considered for The Artists Nook please contact us.

Ethel Street Courtyard | Guildford | WA 6055 | Australia


Katherine | 0416 644896

Nicola | 0439 860222